Blade info

Table Tennis Blades material variances:

ARYLATE: The arylate reduces the amount of vibration in the impact, so it also enlarges the sweet spot making the blade more consistent. This characteristic makes it more of the "medium" or "soft" type being ideal for players who emphasize the effect or who seek a better touch of it.

ARYLATE-CARBON (ALC): It is a composition of arylate and carbon, the advantages of carbon are combined with those of the arylate and thus reduce its cons. In this way, the hardness of the carbon is compensated by the softness of the arylate, the rigid touch of the carbon is annulled thanks to the absorption of the vibrations and the soft touch of the arylate but does not lose its explosiveness.

AYOUS: It is a soft, light and rigid wood, it is excellent for a counter attack game, its thin layers make them easily tear, for that reason they must be well sealed to avoid their tear when taking off the rubber. It has many similarities to the "limba", although a little more economic and is usually found in Chinese spades.

CYPRESS: It is a classic wood of Asian attack. Favored by attackers for several decades due to its unique combination of smoothness and speed: ASH: It's a mix between "cypress" and "ayous".

HINOKI: It is considered the gold of the woods for table tennis, it is very similar to "cypress". It has the property of being very soft, with very good touch in short game to turn very fast in the blows. Its great disadvantage is its short weight and now also its scarcity and its cost.

BALSA: It is a soft wood and very porous, extremely light, is very easy to get, but a minimum thickness is required for a shovel. It is only used as internal layers and in rare cases as a second layer, due to its fragility since it is a wood that deteriorates very fast unless it is located in the central layers of the blade. Likewise, in large thicknesses, it makes it a rigid wood maintaining a low weight.

BASS: This wood was a fundamental element in the manufacture of the blades of the years 60-70 due to its high degree of control. It is favored by the ability to counter attack as well as is a good choice for players who buy their first professional shovel.

LIMBA: It is the classic wood of the European top spin. It has a soft feel and great control. It is very similar to "ayous". It is a little more expensive so it is more common in Japanese and European blades. The slight difference is that it is a bit stronger than the "ayous". In both cases they must be sealed before use.

MOVINGE: It is a wood that is usually used as an outer layer, it is hard and also expensive, it is a good option to use with soft internal woods.

PLANCHONELLO: Used as outer layers, produce a great speed, this wood is usually found in shovels designed for pure attack.

ALAMO (POPLAR): Easy to use, capable of being used as internal wood. As an outer layer it can provide different variants in relation to the thickness.

NOGAL (WALNUT): It is a wood that is used for outer layers, is characterized by being hard and expensive, makes good combination with soft interior woods.

YELLOW ANINGRE: It is the last thing in control woods. Provides a gentle touch feeling, is one of the favorite woods for many who use the all-round play style.

KOTO: The use in exterior layers, provide a faster and more rigid shovel. Great wood for players who rely on looping and attack techniques.

CARBON: It is a blade enhancer, as it produces high speed as well as a wide sweet zone. Although it is very fast it foresees a surprising level of control in its sweet zone. It gives great rigidity, making it a little more difficult to feel, but ideal to give a lot of speed to the game.

GLASS FIBER: The technology is similar to carbon, speed and stability increase but compared to carbon, fiberglass is not so hard and offers better sensations.

ZYLON FIBER (ZL FIBER): It is a zylon fiber formed with a special hardening. It is also characterized by being harder, more flexible and lighter than carbon fiber, as a result we have a lightweight blade, which can generate a lot of speed with the maximum control.