Table Tennis Set - 2 bats & 3 balls PPong

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This is the real deal! a genuine PPong Expert table tennis bats set. 

PPong bats with 3 ping pong balls.

What you get:-

Factory-made racket using the PPong 5 ply blade and covered with pimps in and pimps in rubbers

These rubbers were chosen for their great durability and performance and offer good spin and speed characteristics with fantastic control.

With a flared handle as this is considered one of the most comfortable of all playing handles.

Comes complete in its own PPong balls so you don't even need to buy those as it is included.


  • Type: Table Tennis Rackets

  • Wood: 5ply

  • Colour: Yellow/Black bats, white balls

  • Material: Wooden bats with rubbers - 1.5mm pimps in and pimps out

  • Size: As the Picture show

  • 2* bats,

  • 3*balls

  • SPEED: 6
  • SPIN: 8
  • CONTROL: 10