Yinhe LQ-2 FL blade

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Yinhe LQ-2 FL blade

Defensive wood with increased impact surface (approx. 16.7 x 15.3 cm) The LQ-2 is laid out somewhat more slowly than the LQ-1. Nevertheless the play feeling is as European with the LQ-1 typically. We recommend this blade to all players with that play frequently between classical defense and forehand attack. In the passive play control is fantastic, with offensive play the striking power is also very good.
Li Qian Special (LQ-2) - this high-quality blade, belongs to the category of "fast" def (like BTY Joo Se Hyuk). 

  • Speed : 5
  • Control : 9.5
  • Weight : 82g
  • Head thickness : 6mm
  • Plies : 5 (wood)
  • blade size: 167 x 153 mm

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