Yinhe T-10S FL blade

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Yinhe T-10S FL blade

These blades are 10mm thick and very light, they suit Fast loop & attack.Very fast offensive wood with amazingly high ball control. The total thickness of this wood amounts to 10 mm, the nuclear veneer from Balsa is approx. 8.5 mm thick. The wood is stabilized by 2 thin carbon inserts, the external veneers is from Limba.

The T-10 is somewhat faster than the T-6, above all however more softly in the attack, less rigid, as well as with particularly high self-acceleration (Trampoline effect) by the Balsa timber. Note: As with All Balsa Blades, the danger of fracture with this wood is above average.

  • Speed : 10
  • Control : 7
  • Weight : 72g +/- 3 g
  • Head Thickness : 10mm
  • Plies : 3 (wood) + 2 (carbon)

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