Rubbers - how often should you change them?? It is important to know how often we should replace our rubbers.

Using the same rubbers for too long will inevitably lead to a decrease from your normal playing standard.

Equally, changing them too often will be an expensive exercise! It's about trying to find the right balance. As an approximate guide, a rubber last roughly 60 hours. Therefore, if you play for a couple of hours every day, then you will probably be changing your rubbers on a monthly basis.

If you play twice a week for a couple of hours, then four months is about right. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Long pimpled rubbers can last 100 - 150 hours. Consider replacing your rubbers when the pimples begin to break or wear down or the sponge degrades, leading to inconsistent return of the ball. A rubber at its prime is crucial to your game. Follow the simple tips to make sure you are maximising your performance. Good luck!