Yinhe 6 star Ready Bat

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Brand new Yinhe bats are made of the highest quality wood selections available and the quality and finish is outstanding with ITTF approved rubbers Yinhe 9000.

This is a factory-made racket, ready to play. The 2 rubber sheets had already been glued on the blade by factory.

In 06B Yinhe used Clipper wood (red plies).

A free YINHE bat case is also included to help you protect the bat and keep the rubbers clean.



  • Bat pre-assembled by the manufacturer.
  • Yinhe 7 ply (5 wood+ 2 CLIPPER wood) layer composite blade.
  • Yinhe 9000 rubbers ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved.
  • Yinhe full sized bat case with balls pocket.
  • The handle is flared, shaped to provide comfortable control.
  • Weight: 165g approx.
  • Handle length: 10cm
  • .Playing head size: 150mm x157mm approx.

The racket has a pretty tough feeling for the ball. Not very hard, somewhere between medium and hard. There is also a little vibration. The handle is quite thick and wide in the hand is very convenient, is finished smoothly.

Series factory rackets YINHE (Milkyway): they have the youngest in the line called 01B and increases with increasing numbers of price and quality. The youngest (01, 02, 03) are slightly cheaper than the
models 05b /06b /08b

Please note:The handle color may be different from the picture