Haifu Seamoon Booster 100ml

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Haifu Seamoon Booster 100ml


Boosting adds tremendous spin and speed to your table tennis bat. You will be surprised that many if not all top players in the world boost; even locally, based on our own research many local players do boost. When players boost they definitely have an advantage over players that do not, spin, speed, and power are much better with a boosted bat. If you are a beginner boosting is not yet for you.

About this booster: 

  • Used by Chinese National team players.
  • Attention:  This item is not a glue, it has to be used with Water Glue.
  • Product Feature: Non-Toxic; Enhance the elasticity of rubber sponge.
  • VOC: 0.5  No problem for the tournament regulations.


  1.  Professional paint rubber sponge 1-2 times. Wait until natural dry, normally it takes about 12-27 hours according to temperature. The rubber sponge becomes swelling and rolling up.
  2.  Paint rubber 2-3 times with Water Glue and 1 time on the blade. 
  3.  Assemble rubber and blade when they are dried. 
  4. Start practicing and feel the difference. The booster lasts between 6 to 8 weeks.