Andro Temper OFF- FL blade

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Andro Temper OFF- FL blade

The thin Mahagoni outer ply is not only an optical highlight: out-standing marks in control are combined with the power of a strong Kiri-center ply. The perfect weapon for the offensive allround player! The revolutionary Temper Tech manufacturing technology is the key to a blade line with a never-before-seen combination of outstanding playing characteristics. In this process, the Temper Tech veneers are heated to 150°–230° C for a certain period of time.

During this production step, the moisture in the wood permanently disappears. As a result, the wood becomes considerably harder, more stable, and lighter. After the tempering treatment, the wood will not absorb moisture anymore, so the negative effect of humidity on playing characteristics is prevented. Certain types of wood that were not suitable for table tennis rackets in their natural condition are now enriching the choice of materials in the manufacturing process.

Due to the tempering treatment, these woods are converted to suitable raw material. • Extended Durability. Extended durability and less distortion thanks to resistance to moisture absorption and the effects of humidity.

  • Temper Treatment. 10–20% weight reduction due to tempering treatment.
  • High Energy Transfer. From hard thin middle and outer plies.
  • Extremely High Control. Precise ball feedback even when balls are hit imprecisely.
  • Weight: approx. 80 g
  • Speed:91
  • Control:95
  • Play Style:OFF-
  • Weight:80g
  • Wood Feel: Medium Hard

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