Yinhe Bat case

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Yinhe Bat Case protect your table tennis racket

YINHE  Racquet Case - Compact, Durable, Stylish The YINHE case is a stylish black rectangular case that is compact. The case will protect your bat when not in use. It is constructed with a lightweight hard shell and has sufficient room to hold all types of bats like Shakehand, Penhold, and even Japanese Penholder. 

The single case features:

  • A strap handle for easy carrying.
  • A nice durable zipper with leash for easy open and close.
  • And and inner pocket with strap.
  •  Fits one  table tennis racket
  • We recommend that you always be kind to your bat give it a good home so that it can sleep comfortably when it is not working for you!