Yinhe LQ-1 ST blade

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Yinhe LQ-1 ST blade

Li Qian Special (LQ-1) - this high-quality blade, belongs to the category of "fast" def (like BTY Joo Se Hyuk). 

The LQ-1 is great for an aggressive game on the table in combination with long pips without a sponge (OX). Very powerful block game, and serious opportunities for counter-games, thanks to a rather high for the protective basis of speed.

LQ-1 has soft inner layers and very solid outer. Thanks to this, the base has a reduced time delay of the ball (dwelling-time). The blade is enlarged (167 x 153 mm).

Compared to LQ-2, this version has a slightly higher speed, and a more solid feel of the ball.

  • Speed : 6
  • Control : 9
  • Weight : 85g
  • Head thickness : 6mm Plies : 5 (wood)
  • blade size: 167 x 153 mm

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