Yinhe M101 FL blade

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Yinhe M101 FL blade

This Yinhe M101 is a fast and elastic blade with the new material Polyethylene-Carbon ( PLC)  BLlade is unique, and I haven't seen another manufacturer with a similar Blade. Like other composite blades, the M101 has a softish feel but has a great touch for the short game. When you start hitting harder you'll feel the great power of this blade. Rated OFF, the handle feels a little thicker than normal but still feels very comfortable.

  • Construction: 5 wood + 2 PLC 
  • Speed: 9.5
  • Control: 9.0
  • Thickness: 5.7 mm
  • Weight: 88 ± 3 c.
  • Elasticity: medium
  • Class: OFF

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