Yinhe Venus 3 rubber

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GALAXY YINHE Venus 3 – is one of the newest developments (2016)  between reversed rubbers from Yinhe (also known as Galaxy or Milky Way).
The Venus 2 rubber updates Galaxy's original Venus rubber with their new 'Arbalest Sponge' providing the same high spin, but giving it a noticeable speed increase while reducing the weight slightly.  One item to note about the new Venus II is the improved range of 'gears' in the sponge. Venus III slows down to handle a push game better than most controlled rubbers, and speeds up to provide strong loops and counter-loops. In the middle of those two points, the rubber plays smooth and predictable, a rare feat.

Galaxy rubbers use the “Milkyway” brand name when submitting rubbers to the ITTF.